Theatre of Snails

by Somnambulist



released March 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Somnambulist Belgium

M.Bryo & D.M.T., Somnambulist, KOYT!, The Thepaphone.

M.Bryo is the soloproject of Mark Burghgraeve, of whom in May 2007 a split 7" was released on the American Minimal Wave label. In 2011, "the Withered Land" was released on Vinyl on Walhala.

M.Bryo and Somnambulist are projects from the early 80’s, KOYT! Was formed & deformed in 2005.

Recently, M.performs as a solo artist on rare occasions.
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Track Name: The Verdict
The Verdict

It seems as if... it is safe, and sound
Life, as it divided between knowledge and doubt.
But then again... one tries to escape,
in between lines, his mortal fate.

I'll draw you a plane.
How simple it seems
to spread my lines
all over your picture.

This is my Verdict.
What is your Plea?
Track Name: The Seaman's Imagined Fish
The Seaman's Imagined Fish

Slowly liquid ripples by,
I close my eyes: carmine red.

We now reveal the cracks in the surface
like cobbles rolling down to me.

A headache's the border of the mind
we live at the edge

A bow that's been bend for years
an arrow glides through polished plains

He no longer waits for Godot
He anticipates in burning bushes

Oh, The Seaman's Imagined Fish
Oh, The Seaman's Imagined Fish
Oh, The Seaman's Imagined Fish
Oh, The Seaman's Imagined Fish
Track Name: The Roof
The Roof

I'm on the roof again
It seems like years ago
Another country and another friend
Here on on the roof again

Flashbacks of times we had
I wonder wether she would have a phase.
We walk for years and then,
I'm on the roof again

I'm on the roof again
Freshing up sparkles of an old idea
Another century and another game
I'm on the roof again
Track Name: Quiet Sleep
Quiet Sleep

And so you're there
in your quiet sleep
You don't have to wake up
Please don't wake up
It's only me

I do not understand
the things I feel for you
I just want to make you
feel secure

With my head in clouds
the whimpers of spring
it's only love I come to bring
it's only love I have to bring
Track Name: The Cold Wash
The Cold Wash

Little blue clouds
escape from the car
changing to angels for fire and gas

I feel the cold wash
of it's independance
and drive cross the river
with vision and sound

See us wild children
hide between trees
crossing the roads of metal and speed

Diamonds and pearls,
When the cold wash returns,
Bursting in silence, whiter than light
Bridges are burning,
the old world is turning around
Round, round, Round.

Then I discover
that all must be payed for
and I lost my talents to survive on this Side

a row of red bikers cycle away
away from the shore, away from the shore...

See us wild children
escape from the car
changing to angels for fire and gas...
Track Name: The Room
The Room

There's a boy in the room
it's a room with a view
There are toys in the room
every day something new.

There must be a door somewhere (x2)

There's a window in the room
it used to be with a view
There's a lock on the door
To keep Mum from the room

There's a boy in the room
There's a voice down the stairs
There's a lock on the door
The boy's alone, no-one cares ...

There must be a door somewhere (x2)